Attend eSAC's Final Event “What if Technology Is not the Answer?" July 16 & 17, 2014 in Quito Ecuador

eSAC's final workshop “What if Technology Is not the Answer? Thinking at the Intersection of People, Information and Communication Technologies and Equity in Health” will take place in *Quito, Ecuador, on July 16-17*. The workshop is one of the activities part of the eSAC Project closing event ( It will provide an opportunity for cross-sectorial, interdisciplinary stakeholders who unconventionally meet to interact, share ideas and challenge one another to broaden the debate surrounding public health, ICTs and equity. We hope that you will be able to attend the workshop, whether virtually or in person. You can learn more about the workshop at: Over the next three weeks, the website will host an online discussion around questions that are central to the eSAC Project. *The online discussion is as important as the workshop itself and will produce many of the ideas that will form the basis of the conversation in Quito.* You can play a key role in shaping this event! We very much look forward to enjoying a stimulating and fruitful intellectual exchange will all of you! Regards, For the eSAC Team