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The use of the Internet, social networks and mobile phones for gender equity interventions in public health was the theme of an event organized by the eSAC Project, held on November 28, 2013. Read more >>
Check out the bios of the selected candidates for Phase II of the Innovation Competition! Read more >>

Issue 2: Natural Disaster Management

Natural disasters due to climate change is a threat now and will continue to be a threat to health in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The fact that many countries in the region are vulnerable to global climate change means that this is a development issue which will affect countries’ socio economic backbone and present challenges to human survival.

In This Issue

Llama la atención, a partir de los resultados de este ejercicio exploratorio de búsqueda ampliada, la escasa consideración explícita de las TIC en desastres naturales. Las TICs tienen el potencial de convertirse en motores y puentes al interior y entre los países y expertos, para el desarrollo de la tecnología y la colaboración global en este tema.   Read more >>
Los desastres naturales pueden ser definidos como eventos temporales provocados por la naturaleza, que superan la capacidad de respuesta local y que afectan gravemente el desarrollo social y económico de una región. Las fuentes de riesgo de desastres en la región son tanto naturales como artificiales. Debido a sus condiciones geográficas, la región de América Latina y el Caribe (LAC) es propensa a los fenómenos naturales de intensidad grave.   Read more >>
Desde el embate cíclico de huracanes en el Caribe hasta la destrucción causada por terremotos, América Latina y el Caribe es una región altamente vulnerable a los desastres naturales.   Read more >>
Background Climate Change is projected to cause substantial increases in population movement in coming decades. Previous research has considered the likely causal influences and magnitude of such movements and the risks to national and international...
Available at: Abstract: While the importance of mHealth scale-up has been broadly emphasized in the mHealth community, it is necessary to guide scale up efforts and investment in ways to help achieve the mortality reduction...
Available at: Abstract: Whether mHealth improves maternal and newborn health outcomes remains uncertain as the response is perhaps not true or false but lies somewhere in between when considering unintended harmful...
Available at: Abstract: Background: The promotion of evidence-based cessation services through social media sites may increase their utilization by smokers. Data on social media adoption and use within tobacco control...
Link: Abstract: Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is crucial in the management of cardiovascular disease (CVD), yet attendance is poor. Mobile technology (mHealth) offers a potential solution to increase reach of CR....

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