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eSAC's final event “What if Technology Is not the Answer? Thinking at the Intersection of People, Information and Communication Technologies and Equity in Health” will take place in Quito, Ecuador, on July 16-17. Read more >>
eSAC is pleased to announce the three winners of its Innovation Competition Read more >>
The Public eHealth, Innovation and Equity (eSAC) project presents a webinar on "ICT in Adolescents and Youth Health" on June Friday 27 18:00 p.m. to 20:00 p.m. Washington D.C. time. Read more >>
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Issue 4: Migration, ICTs and Health

The economic globalization of the world has resulted in significant changes in the flow and composition of migratory movements, particularly in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region. While historically, the LAC region attracted immigrants from different continents of the world - from the economic recovery in Europe and the establishment of close political, economic and trade relations with the United States - some changes have been observed in migration flows, transforming the LAC region to a place of emigration.

In This Issue

The webinar explores how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can improve the health conditions of migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean.   Read more >>
This summary provides a glance at events (worldwide) which may implicitly or explicitly include themes which explore the intersection of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), migration and public health. Migration is an important issue because many migrants are also vulnerable or marginalized populations that have difficulty accessing appropriate health services. The aim of this summary is to encourage further exploration, research and events on this topic, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean.   Read more >>
Objectivo: Caracterizar la discusión espontánea sobre TIC, migración y salud pública en la plataforma Twitter, en idioma español, en el periodo de un año.   Read more >>
Pánel Abierto en: Más allá de las fronteras: Migración, TIC y Salud Este pánel exploró cómo las TICs pueden mejorar la salud de los migrantes: • Dr. Rubén Silván, investigador internacional en migración. Méx/Honduras Nuestros panelistas abordarán...
1. Which health conditions make migrants a vulnerable group? 2. Which health related situations can be addressed through the use of ICT? 3. How have ICTs contributed to migrant health? Could you provide some examples? 4. What potential do you see in...
Pánel Abierto en: Más allá de las fronteras: Migración, TIC y Salud Este pánel exploró cómo las TICs pueden mejorar la salud de los migrantes: • Dr. Luis Hernández, Director de estudios en Salud Pública Universidad de los Andes. Colombia Nuestros...
Research indicates that migrants' social media usage in Ireland enables a background awareness of friends and acquaintances that supports bonding capital and transnational communities in ways not previously reported. Interview data from 65 Polish...
Available at: Abstract: Background: Mobile health (mHealth) has undergone exponential growth in recent years. Patients and healthcare professionals are increasingly using health-related applications, at the same time as...
Available at: Abstract: While the importance of mHealth scale-up has been broadly emphasized in the mHealth community, it is necessary to guide scale up efforts and investment in ways to help achieve the mortality reduction...
Available at: Abstract: Whether mHealth improves maternal and newborn health outcomes remains uncertain as the response is perhaps not true or false but lies somewhere in between when considering unintended harmful...
Available at: Abstract: Background: The promotion of evidence-based cessation services through social media sites may increase their utilization by smokers. Data on social media adoption and use within tobacco control...

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